Here's a Wrap-Up

It's time I get this Dugger Family Farm blog up and running. Here's a quick summary of a few on-farm happenings this week: 

1. How Do You Say: "Tanks for Nuttin'"? After staying inside for about a week to heal from his neutering, Winston, one of the barn cats, was let back outside. He immediately bolted and hasn't been seen since. This isn't altogether unusual for him -- he used to disappear for a couple days and then reappear when he was good and hungry. It's been about four days since we've seen the little guy, though, and I'm beginning to take it personally. It appears he really was pissed about having his man parts messed with. 

2. Hey, love happens in all shades. Despite everyone's being neutered and/or spayed around here, I looked out the window this morning to see Jack, a boy goat, trying to hump on Frank, another boy goat. Then I walked downstairs to find Charlie (mustache cat) trying to mount Ruby (little girl kitty). I don't know what to say about any of this. You all can write your own captions for these mental images.

3. The wheels are spinning. I'm in the process of revising our grant application to turn a 1955 Ford Step Van into a mobile food market. The application is due in a little over a month. I'm introducing some really cool new pieces into the program and taking on some new partners to pull it all together. The thumbnail image for this post is the van (and future mobile food market, we hope), which we're thankful to friend and funnyman Ron Garrett for bringing us.

4. Speaking of love. Another stray, Gary, who clearly took it better when we trapped him and sent him off for a nip/tuck a few weeks ago, seems to be head over heels for Randy. As we all are, Gary, as we all are. Gary has been living in Randy's new shop and rather enjoys the quality guy time in the man cave. 

That's it for now. Everyone's fat and happy around here, except for Winston who doesn't understand that if he'd get his shaved butt back here, he'd be in for several good meals. 


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